Bridget Collins


Bridget Collins is the CEO of Sapphic Moon and the world-renowned Straight Male Escort agency, Cowboys4Angels. As a queer woman herself, Bridget is expertly (and personally) positioned to run this agency with a deep connection to the broad needs of women. She joined the Cowboys4Angels team as a personal assistant to the founder, and before long she was growing the business by leaps and bounds with her extensive experience in customer support and relationship management. 

Taking the time to get to know the women who have been clients of Cowboys4Angels, she saw that there was a great need for all women, regardless of sexual orientation, to be in control of amazing adventures in their life with a trustworthy and elite companion. It was also clear to her that this male-dominated industry did not prioritize the women who truly wanted to spend time with and offer companionship to other women. In her extensive work in this industry, Bridget has built relationships with many female contractors who genuinely seek to connect with other women and have struggled to find a safe space to do that. With this knowledge, she set out to create something that didn’t yet exist; A professional companionship agency specifically for women who enjoy the company of other women. Enter Sapphic Moon!

Bridget is not “just” the CEO. She works directly with clients and contractors on a daily basis to ensure the perfect matches are made, and that all details of an adventure are attended to. She has employed an all-female staff whose personal and professional experiences speak to their own expertise to grow a professional companionship agency for Lesbian, Bisexual, Pansexual, and Sapphic women. 

Bridget is a mom (to both two-legged and 4 legged babies), a wife, a creative, and a powerhouse! She loves to travel and meet new people who share her vision of creating spaces that elevate ALL women! In her free time she enjoys crocheting, trying new recipes, and spending time with her family and pups.