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Here at Sapphic Moon we pride ourselves on bringing you the most beautiful, interesting and charming female escorts around! Our female companions are selected by a well thought out and methodical method, we only provide the best to our clients. Today we want to highlight some of our top performing female escorts in none other than Los Angeles, New York City and Chicago. No matter what type of female escort you’re looking for, at Sapphic Moon we have you covered. And you can rest assured that we are constantly striving for excellence. Spring is in full swing and nowhere is it more beautiful than Los Angeles, NYC and Chicago. These three cities boast widely different, but equally beautiful climates- and our female companions are no different. Our top three female escorts from these cities have varying personalities and looks, but they all share a commitment to honesty, respect and compassion. That’s our Sapphic Moon guarantee, we take pride in bringing you the absolute best experience you can have or ask for with our top tier female escorts. We begin with a look at Mal, from Chicago.


Stunning Mal is a 5’3 millennial, and a Gemini. She loves making connections and has many varied intellectual interests. With dark brown curly hair and ice blue eyes, she is definitely a catch!

Mal is an open-hearted lover of dogs, languages, and movies with a curious mind, old soul, and hunger for new experiences. A true Gemini, Mal is happiest learning or teaching new skills, satiating her wanderlust, charming a crowd, and sharing late-night absurdist musings with a companion. Her current passion projects include hosting practice sessions for her ladies 8 ball league, performing with fire, and earning her M license in time for her favorite season so she can ride her ’72 Honda through the Autumn leaves.


Now on to Natalie in NYC, a 5’6 Taurus with brown hair and wide hazel eyes. This millennial is a true New Yorker! She was born and raised in Queens New York until she attended SUNY New Paltz where she studied public communications graduating cum laude. After college, she moved to Manhattan and has never left.

Realizing she was not going to be happy in corporate America, she took a job as a personal assistant allowing her the freedom to pursue her passions. She started her own custom baking business turning her hobby into a career. Over time her pursuits in self-improvement led her to take a deep dive into health and fitness. She soon went back to school to get her NASM personal training certification and her life coaching certification which transitioned into a coaching career.  She then went to India to take a yoga teacher training course.

Functional medicine, holistic well-being, and self-acceptance are the important tenants that have made her coaching career successful. She specializes in a-traditional clients who are often not understood in the mainstream practice.Natalie’s love of food has never disappeared and has led her to dedicate her free time to exploring the world’s finest dining and traveling the world to collect Michelin Stars.


Now for Alice in Los Angeles, one of our VIP female companions. Alice is a 5’9 Aries, with blond hair and sparking blue eyes. This female escort is as fiery as she is sophisticated. She will keep you guessing! She radiates passion and zest for all that life has to offer, including yoga and meditation, exotic travel, higher learning and humanitarian activism and advocacy work. Her thirst for new growth experiences has led to traveling the world, whether it be in an effort to broaden her yoga practice in the Himalayas, advanced wine studies in France, or learning how to surf in her home base of Southern California, Alice is definitely ready for the next adventure! Ever the charismatic and versatile female companion, Alice finds comfort and excitement in all settings, from trekking in the Andes to an epicurean weekend in Switzerland, or sailing the Nile to attending an art exhibition in New York City, or simply relaxing for a cozy, low-key night in, she’s up for it. When this Sapphic Companion is not engaging in these pastimes, she’s single-handedly leading a personal coaching business, dancing, and enjoying outdoor and physical fitness activities. If you’re looking for an adventure, Alice is definitely ready to join you!


Chicago is home to some of the most historic and beautiful architecture, best food, exciting nightlife and scenic views. The most bustling city in the Midwest is also, most notably, home of Anika, a classy and beautiful female companion! Sapphic Moon thrives off of being able to pair highly-reviewed, well-sought-after female companions with well-deserving and excited upscale, femmes in various areas of the country, and sometimes to travel overseas. However, having a Sapphic  base in Chicago is extra-special, as it is our only one in the entire Midwest, moreover, the only high-class female escort agency in the area. Even though we know it’s impossible for you to forget about your favorite female companions, we still want to flash the goods in front of you to jog your memory about why you need to stop what you’re doing right now and book your Valentine’s Day date with Anika in Chicago!

Anika is a Writer, Director, and Sexuality/Relationship Coach who is passionate about hedonism, mutual aid, creative collaborations, and building the world they want to live in each day in large and small ways. Even-tempered but excitable, earnest but often making light of the given day’s various horrors, Anika loves sweets as well as bitter flavors like coffee and grapefruit. Singing, karaoke, dancing, making friends with dogs, and seeing the sun are all essential to Anika maintaining their best life. Their obsessions include film, some literature, clothes, herbalism, social justice, and alt drag (especially horror drag).

Anika is an introvert who loves to socialize and probably has some stories that will make your jaw drop. After growing up in Tennessee, Anika enjoyed a decade-long symbiotic relationship with academia which ultimately brought them to Chicago. Instantly falling in love with the city, Anika joined their first of many bands and also started figure modeling for local art studios and schools. Since then, they have published two books of poetry, taught writing workshops throughout Chicagoland, and directed an award-winning web series. They are currently working on another web series about two queer besties who plan elaborate, debaucherous, delightfully deranged parties for their communities in the midst of a big city apocalypse.