Often the stigma surrounding professional companionship is wrapped up in a misunderstanding of what is actually being offered.

As a busy, professional, discerning woman, you are looking for someone to spend your time with who already understands your life. Someone who does not need constant attention or to be coddled. Someone who wants to make you feel like an absolute queen, and has no expectations for time commitments or emotional labor. Someone who can escort you to an important event and put all her attention on you, but isn’t intimidated by how you capture a room. This is the beauty of professional non-sexual companionship. You are paying for the time and company of someone you don’t have to hand feed. A woman who is educated, classy, and experienced. This may not be the thing for everyone. And those who do not understand often speak negatively about the experience because they believe it is something else.

Sapphic Moon does not sell sex. We provide opportunities for time and companionship with an elite professional sapphic non-sexual companion!