Los Angeles Fun with Remi


 “After a long and messy divorce, I really thought I’d be alone forever. For about a year I could not even look at a man in that way, I was resigned to the fact that romance was no longer in the cards for me. I am an investment banker by trade, so I do a lot of travel for work. One evening while at dinner alone in Los Angeles, someone very beautiful caught my eye. Long hair, dark, sultry eyes, glistening smile, the whole package. I immediately felt a strong attraction to this person, she was a woman. This was new for me, although maybe not that new as I can remember as a teen being curious, but burying the urge. I met my husband in college and that was the end of that. But on this night, in a restaurant far from home, I felt that curiosity again. Maybe because I was somewhere new, out of my element. Nothing happened that evening, I went back to my hotel room alone. But I couldn’t get that feeling out of my head. After that night, it seemed I could not go anywhere without seeing attractive women, something had awakened in me, but I didn’t know what to do. These buried desires had come to the surface within me. A few weeks later I was out to dinner with some friends and, after a few drinks, disclosed my newfound yearnings. As I was getting ready to leave, my best friend pulled me to the side and told me about Sapphic Moon. Her coworker was having similar feelings and decided to try it, and had a great time with a “female escort.” I decided to give the website a look. So many beautiful women, it was fabulous. This was perfect for me as I wanted gentle entry into the world of dating women, and at the time was too scared to do online dating or ask someone out in person. Sapphic Moon was just what I needed. I called the phone number listed and spoke to a kind and gentle woman who was so helpful in assisting me to find the perfect “female companion”.


I finally decided on Remi, she had kind eyes, great style and seemed very down to earth from her profile. When the time came, I was nervous, but ready. My date with Jane opened me up to a whole universe of new possibilities. Remi was hilarious and very easy to talk to. We had such a good time, I did not want the night to be through! After, I felt liberated. I had been pushing my urges down and ignoring my needs, and my evening with Jane truly allowed me to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I cannot thanks Saphic Moon enough!” – MW LA

Remi is a true polymath, an individual whose passion and accomplishments span a diverse spectrum of subjects. Her multifaceted life journey has afforded her a rich tapestry of experiences. With a penchant for traveling, she thrives on the exhilarating immersion into various cultures. A connoisseur of both music and fashion, she effortlessly curates her style to mirror her inner mood daily. Following her ascent to a prominent corporate position in the fashion industry, she embarked on a career pivot, launching her own wine importation company. She is equally comfortable outdoors and has a strong knowledge of nature and the biologies of the world. Whether it’s a quiet night in, enjoying exquisite food, wine and company, an exciting outdoorsy date in the beautiful nature and landscape of Southern California, or even inviting Remi to be your exclusive female travel companion, this is one extraordinary woman you will undoubtedly enjoy every moment being in the presence of, while establishing the foundation for a multitude of unforgettable experiences and memories to come!