Jules is unapologetically charming. Most commonly referred to as a ‘surprise and delight’. Direct, articulate, flirty and vulnerable. A natural in all different environments and company. Small talk isn’t her thing, but authentic investigation is. A great match for the person that runs away from the overbearing sales assistant. She won’t chase after your charms, but rather create the environment for their safe unveiling. Strong boundaries, but flexible expectations: she will want to see you blush and you will want to remember her laugh. Jules is fearless and deliberate in her creating. Living intentionally requires a level of rigorous honesty with oneself, as well as compassion for others. Her entrepreneurial spirit and growth mindset is contagious. With a background in art, design, and styling, she hopes to collaborate on a date that welcomes fun, freedom and reflection. Your young, cool aunt, if your young, cool aunt was Julianne Moore circa Boogie Nights Era. Jules is in this for the memories and plans on learning something from you. Plan on sparking your most visionary vibes. Somehow not for the faint of heart, but always appealing to the most tender. Her sense of self is reflected in her style, stand-up aspirations, and inspired pursuit of humility. NOT a singer, but always singing! She’ll bring the handbag you haven’t heard about yet and the dirty jokes her grandpa used to tell.

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Zodiac Sign


Hair Color


Eye Color

Green, Hazel

Highest Level of Education

Cosmetology School

Professional Occupation

Photo and Prop Stylist

Languages Spoken


Celebrity Body Type

Jessica Chastain

Two Hour Rate$3000
Four Hour Rate$4400
Overnight Rate$8000
Up to 24 hours$13000
Multi-day, weekly monthly and exclusive arrangements available and custom arranged upon request.